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11 May 2021
UAS4EUROPE Networking Conference

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UAS4EUROPE Networking Conference

Universities of Applied Sciences - From breakthrough ideas to breakthrough innovation!

UAS4EUROPE’s biennial online Networking Conference creates networking possibilities for University of Applied Sciences representatives and researchers as well as for research and innovation stakeholders from industry and civil society. This event will be kicked-off with high-level political discussions in the morning, followed by interactive thematic workshops and virtual face-to-face matchmaking opportunities in the afternoon. Furthermore, we kindly recommend a visit at our UAS4EUROPE virtual exhibition to get inspired by best practices and the hands-on mentality of our Universities of Applied Sciences.

Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) are strongly embedded in their regional ecosystems through close links with industry and citizens. Therefore, they have an enormous potential to translate breakthrough ideas into breakthrough innovation. The central topic of our high-level political panel discussion will be to describe how exactly UAS use their regional power for a green and innovative Europe.

In addition, with the launch of Horizon Europe in January 2021, the research and innovation communities in Europe and beyond are joining forces and preparing their funding applications. With a share of over 50% of the total Horizon Europe budget, Pillar II offers applied sciences multiple opportunities to address the “Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness”. This will be the topic of our first set of interactive workshops, where UAS professionals will discuss the challenges and opportunities provided by each of the six clusters within Horizon Europe.

During a second set of workshops, an interactive exchange between registered participants will address the position of UAS within regional innovation ecosystems and their role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. In addition, a dedicated workshop will focus on the Horizon Europe programme planning and specifically on how work programmes are prepared and designed.

The event website will be updated on a regular basis.

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